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Our Academic Council


Rodrigo Hernán Faunes Correa

Our president is by profession a Bachelor of Computer Science Engineer, Master in E-learning and Educational Technology, UCJC (Spain), Master in Genealogy, Heraldry and Nobility, UNED (Spain)


Ximena B. Salgado García.

Mrs. Ximena is a Professor, Degree in Education, Master in Educational Management, promoter of charitable projects, both nationally and internationally.

First Vocal

Luis Gustavo Vega.

Don Luis Gustavo Vega, is an obstetrician by profession, graduated in Obstetrics, member and part of numerous religious music movements. He also lends a great deal of support to the community both from his profession and from his personal life.

Second Member

Osvaldo Galvez Asún.

Don Osvaldo Galvez has a degree in Legal Sciences, and currently works as a Lawyer, he is a participant in numerous social, political and governmental groups.

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