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Welcome to the Chilean-Georgian Institute for Research and Culture.

El Caballero de la Piel de Tigre

1st Edition in Spanish of the epic Poem "The Knight of the Tiger Skin" by the Poet Shota Rustaveli


The Chilean Georgian Institute for Research and Culture, has as its main mission to promote scientific and educational cultural exchange between both nations, both academic and personal, through electronic or traditional means.



Our Institute was created at the initiative of a group of Chilean scholars from the area of ​​humanities, sciences and education, who were interested in the ancient Georgian culture that immigrants from that country brought to Chile, who through their literature and history they made a first apron to improve relations between both nations.


One of those immigrants was Don Avthandil Meravachvili who developed in Chile what has been a milestone in the rapprochement between both nations, this was the re-edition and first translation into Spanish of the masterpiece of the medieval Georgian poet Shotá Rustaveli (XII century ) "The Knight of the Tiger Skin", this work was printed in Chile in 1964 in the Graphic Workshops of the School of Graphic Arts of Chile, the work was translated by distinguished professor Don Gustavo Alfredo de la Torre Botarro from from the 1957 edition of Tblisi University, Georgia.


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Chile and Georgia different looks

Interesting documentary that presents the Georgian culture, from various aspects.

Emotional video showing the beauties of Chile, diversity of landscapes in a single territory, many cultures in a single country.

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